RMCA Fiction:
The Mouse Knight II: Squibble's Story

Cutter Hays

MKII The Cover (Copyright 2005 Cutter Hays)

We are pleased to bring you the illustrated story of The Mouse Knight II: Squibble's Story by Cutter Hays. MK2 started in January 2005 and was completed in October 2008. Additionally, we are offering a peek at larger artwork-- click small pictures in MK2 to see bigger versions. After you read about our little heroes, sign up for our Forums to share your thoughts on The Mouse Knight stories with Cutter and other rodent lovers, or send a Mouse Knight card from Virtual Squeaks.

The author suggests this story is for a mature audience. There are some scenes in the story as a whole that may disturb some people. Parents may want to read it first before letting kids do so.

Forward (January 2005)
First Tangent: Magnificent Man

WINTER: Sir Squibble the Mouse Knight (January 2005)
Great Mouse History
Tangent: Wrongness and Rightness
The Golden Days
Dreams and Stories
The Runt
Ceremonies and Celebration
Tangent: Something Slithery This Way Comes
Surely I'm Forgetting Something...
Preparing to Leave Paradise

SPRING: The Pilgrimage of One Mouse Knight (February 2005)
The Fall of Sir Squibble
Tangent: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Heide and Fred
Great Evil
Survival Instincts (and then some)
The Lab
The First Rodent Army
Good Deeds Done With Honor
Reunion and Return

SUMMER: The Tribulations Begin: The First Horseman: Conquest (June 2005)
Safety Is an Illusion
Summer Rain
Weird Mouse
Ashes to Ashes
Surprise Number Two
Stupid Lessons of Wisdom
Way Too Much to Write!
Nemo's Story
Mouse Hunt
Mouse Trap

FALL: Entropy: The Second Horseman (September 2005)
Squibble's Journey into the Underworld
Heaven Sent
Lessons from the Astral Plane
The Hermit Squibble
No Escape for the Mouse
Captain Kirk
Return to Disaster

WINTER: The Great War: The Third Horseman (June 2006)
Staving Off the Reaper
The Hordes of Lord Squibble
A Grim Preparation
The Real Adventure This Time
The Moment of Truth
The Great War: Day 1
The Great War: Day 2
The Great War: Day 3
The Great War: Day 4
The Great War: Day 5
The Great War: Day 6
The Great War: Day 7

SPRING: Squibble Descendeth: The Fourth Horseman (October 2008)
Rock Bottom
Gunnery Sergeant William Bonnie
Turning Point

SUMMER: Squibble Ascendeth (October 2008)
Bitter Reunion
The Specter Squibble
At Last I Get to do Something Right
Memories of the Future

FALL: All Souls Pass (October 2008)
Last Tangent
WINTER: The Prophet Squibble (October 2008)
My Last Entry

A little bonus: Art from Squibble's Studies

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