RMCA Fiction:
The Mouse Knight

Cutter Hays

We are pleased to bring you the illustrated story of The Mouse Knight by Cutter Hays. The Mouse Knight was posted as a weekly serial from January to April 2002 and is now available for sale (click on the banner below to order your copy). After you read about our little hero, sign up for our Forums to share your thoughts on The Mouse Knight with Cutter and other rodent lovers, or send a Mouse Knight card from Virtual Squeaks.

The Mouse Knight (Copyright 2002 Cutter Hays)
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Chapter 1: A Very Small Mouse (January 9)

Chapter 2: The Dragon (January 16)

Chapter 3: The MouseKnight (January 23)

Chapter 4: The Search (January 30)

Chapter 5: The Holy Quest of Saint Mouse (February 6)

Chapter 6: The Squire Squibble (February 13)

Chapter 7: The Great Pet Store Exodus (February 20)

Chapter 8: The Pilgrimage of The Mouse Knight
(of which there are 4 parts)
     Part I: Departing Company (February 27)
     Part II: The Great Barrier (March 6)
     Part III: The Tribes of Nemo (March 13)
     Part IV: Their Darkest Hour (March 20)

Chapter 9: The End of the Quest (March 27)

Chapter 10: His Dream Come True (April 3)

Epilogue / Afterward (April 3)

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The Mouse Knight (Copyright 2002 Cutter Hays)

The Mouse Knight is 153 pages, 50 black and white illustrations. Limited editions numbered to 100. Signed on request. $15 plus shipping.
Book with a sketch in it is $20; or $40 with an inked drawing.
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